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The window of the Canton fair brand | Nantong Ironmaster leading fitness industry development The benefit for the people of the world

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Fitness economy has a huge mass base, with market capacity and consumption potential to meet the requirements of accelerated development, "more exercise, less illness" has increasingly become a social consensus. According to statistics, by the end of 2021, the per capita sports area in China had reached 2.41 square meters, and 37.2% of the people regularly take part in physical exercise, which is expected to reach 38.5% by 2025 and more than 45% by 2035.


Intelligent sports and fitness equipment has become the "new favorite" of fitness experts because of its advantages of fun and accuracy, which greatly improves the sports experience. When it comes to fitness equipment, we have to mention an old Pal. Nantong Ironmaster Sporting Goods Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Nantong Ironmaster"), founded in 1996, has been focusing on research and development, production and sales of fitness equipment and all kinds of sporting goods for many years, and has developed into a leading enterprise in the domestic fitness equipment industry along with the Canton Fair. 

Nantong Ironmaster has a variety of products, including dumbbell, barbell, bell pieces and free power series, jump rope, fitness health abdomen round, grip strength small series, series of yoga, pilates, treadmill, stationary bike, stomach board and other home fitness equipment series, single-function strength training, comprehensive training and other commercial fitness equipment series, And wallball, jump box, agile ladder and other functional gym supporting series.

Nantong Ironmaster new product display

Nantong Ironmaster registered its trademark in 45 overseas countries and regions, and set up overseas branches in Poland and the United States in 2012. With EN957, GS and REACH certification, our products are exported to more than 60 countries and regions in Europe, North America, Japan, Australia and so on. Our annual exports exceed 100 million US dollars. We are the designated suppliers of HOIST, NAUTILUS, DECATHLON, PELOTON and other famous brands in the global sporting goods industry.

The secret of Nantong Ironmaster is that it attaches great importance to technological research and development, large-scale production, strict quality inspection and professional service. After 26 years of continuous development and accumulation, the company has a strong R & D team, with excellent design and research capabilities, to meet the diverse needs of customers. Through mass production and mass procurement to achieve stable supply, effectively reduce product costs, ensure product quality and stable output. Through the establishment of product testing laboratory, the implementation of strict systematic quality inspection management, to ensure that product functions and quality meet customer requirements. Focus on building an experienced business team, familiar with various products and business processes, to ensure efficient response to customer needs.

Nantong Ironmaster has a deep friendship with Canton Fair. From its inception to the present, from liuhua Exhibition Hall to Pazhou New Museum, from offline to online, the previous Canton Fair has never been absent. In each Canton Fair, the business team is always the first to enter and the last to leave. In the past two years, as the Canton Fair moved from offline to the cloud, the company carefully prepared product video recording, unlocking new digital marketing skills.

Nantong Ironmaster and Canton Fair buyers online negotiation


During the previous exhibitions, Nantong Ironmaster met many merchants from all over the world, from strangers to familiar to friends, and gained orders and friendship. Over the years, Nantong Ironmaster and Canton Fair have developed and grown gradually.With the reputation of "Friendship bond and Trade bridge", The Canton Fair has always been the best platform for Nantong Ironmaster to connect with the world, and the best channel for Nantong Ironmaster to meet new customers and obtain new business opportunities. Taking advantage of the 131st Canton Fair online, Nantong Ironmaster quickly integrates the new online sales model and better meets the needs of e-commerce customers.


Nantong Ironmaster broadcast live at the 131st Canton Fair