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The signing ceremony of the three-year co-construction agreement for the "Flagship Pilot" operation was successfully held in Ironman

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In order to further promote Nantong's leading enterprises to become bigger and stronger during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, and to better play the leading and Supporting role, on the afternoon of February 28, Nantong Municipal Market Supervision Administration, Chongchuan District Market Supervision Administration, and Nantong Ironman Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. signed a three-year co-construction agreement for the "Flagship Pilot" Action. Tao, Deputy Director of the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau Jian, Miao Shimin, Deputy Director of the Market Supervision Bureau of Chongchuan District, and Huang Chengbin, Chairman of Nantong Ironman Sports Goods Co., Ltd., signed the contract as representatives of the three parties.

1Before the signing ceremony, Hu Zhongju, deputy general manager of Ironman Sports Group, led leaders at all levels of the Municipal Supervision Bureau to visit the Ironman Intelligent Digital Physical Fitness Training Center, showing the same smart air resistance products used during the preparations for the Chinese Athletes' Olympic Games and National Games. The leader introduced a series of smart sports park products that help the health of the whole people.

At the signing ceremony, Miao Shimin, deputy director of Chongchuan District Municipal Supervision Bureau, introduced the main contents of the joint construction agreement, covering the fields of intellectual property, quality management, brand building, standardization, measurement, certification, inspection and testing, and law enforcement escort for the Nantong Iron Man Movement. Supplies Co., Ltd. tailor-made a set of "flagship pilot" action plan, through centralized counseling, training, incentives, school-enterprise cooperation, creating a fair competitive market environment and other co-construction methods to help companies standardize and standardize operations and achieve industry development goals .

4Huang Chengbin, chairman of Ironman Sports, said that under the guidance and guidance of the municipal and district-level municipal regulatory bureaus, he will deeply implement the strategy of strengthening the city with quality and intellectual property, and continue to innovate and make breakthroughs in terms of company scale, intellectual property rights, quality management, brand building, Standardization and other aspects, comprehensively enhance the company's hard and soft power, and contribute to the construction and development of Nantong and the progress of domestic sports.


Tao Jian, deputy director of the Nantong Municipal Supervision Bureau, said that within three years from today, in order to fulfill the common goals, common tasks, common responsibilities and common responsibilities, we will implement the goals set in the agreement and achieve excellent performance. The Municipal Supervision Bureau also issued the "High-Quality Development Navigation Report" to the company to help the company better carry out deepening reforms according to the goals of joint construction. Afterwards, the representatives of the three parties signed the contract under the witness of the leaders of the municipal and district supervision bureaus at all levels, the heads of the Iron Man Quality Control Department, the Technical Department, the Administration Department, and the media representatives.