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China Sports Expo Prospect 丨Winter Olympics mark: Show the “Home and Country Feelings”of the Exhibitors at the Sports Expo

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From April 21 to April 24, 2022, China International Sports Expo, sponsored by China Sports Goods Industry Federation and undertaken by China Sports Federation (Beijing) Sports Industry Development Co., LTD., will be grandly held in Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center. 1300 sports enterprises from all over the country will attend this grand event. As a "double Olympic enterprise" with 25 years of history and Olympic service background, Nantong Iron Man Sporting Goods Company stood out from many exhibitors and received attention and favor from the organizing committee and enthusiastic fans of the Expo.The official media of China International Sports Expo in order to record event of the 2022 Winter Olympics-Snow and ice manufacturing the theme of,It narrates the Nantong Ironmaster service Winter Olympics those unknown wonderful story.


The article says----

"Snowflake", the theme song of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, was played again at the Bird's Nest stadium on Feb 20,accompanied by melodious singing,the Olympic cauldron was extinguishe, the 17-day ice and snow festival has officially come to an end.For the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics schedule,although already come to an end,but “Chinese romance” and “Patriotism” are still moving---and for all of us,memories of the Beijing Winter Olympics are still haunting us!


△2022Beijing Winter Olympics Closing ceremony Live

In fact,many exhibitors of the 2022(40th) China International Sporting Goods Expo have taken part in the service and construction work of the Beijing Winter Olympics,and left their mark on both inside and outside the venues.This article,from the “Perspective” of 2022 Sports Expo Exhibitors,will reproduce the Winter Olympics time,tell the impressions and stories of the Winter Olympics that have not been deeply explored,and carefully explore the emerging technology products on and off the field of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.


“Ironmaster” in the blackground of The first gold medal of the Winter Olympics

Do you still remember the event in which the first gold medal of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics was won?

That’s right,the women’s cross-country ski double chase at the National Cross-country Ski Center.In this competition,Norway’s Theresa.Johaiug successfully won the gold medal and won the first Winter Olympics;Meanwhile,Dinigar.Yilamujiang,one of the two torchbearers born after 2000,made her Winter Olympics debut…..


2022 Beijing Winter Olympics Cross-country skiing women’s double chase

Behind so many glorious competitive,there is a power pay in silence from Nantong Ironmaster Sporting Industrial Co.,Ltd. It is reported that from December 6 last year to the end of the Winter Olympics -- nearly two months, the Nantong Ironmaster Sporting Company sent technology medical support vehicles and powerful security team to the competition site, to provide mobile rehabilitation physiotherapy services for athletes.

Ironmaster technology medical support vehicles has the characteristics of high technology content, strong mobility and wide service range,in the training and competition venues near the athletes to provide rehabilitation physiotherapy services and rest space, more convenient to help athletes quickly recovery. The technology medical support vehicle is equipped with dozens of international leading rehabilitation physiotherapy equipment, including routine physiotherapy, rapid rehabilitation during the rest time of competition, complete rehabilitation after competition and other three advanced equipment, the treatment of acute and chronic sports injuries, can effectively shorten the recovery time of the body, promote athletes in training and competition recovery.


During 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, Ironmaster technology medical support vehicle was working

According to the arrangements of the National cross-country skiing team and the requirements of the athletes on the vehicle, the guarantee team of The Ironmaster company is still on the vehicle, through the means of relaxation rehabilitation, instrument physiotherapy, the overall treatment, to help athletes actively prevent injury, quickly relieve muscle fatigue, restore physical strength, maintain a good competitive state. Before the women's cross-country skiing double chase, Chinese athletes Diniger, Li Xin and Bayani waited and changed equipment in the support vehicle, and after the race, they did motor recovery on the vehicle.
    It can be said that the security car is an innovation in the field of professional sports rehabilitation physiotherapy in China, which fills the gap of providing high-tech rehabilitation physiotherapy for athletes at the previous domestic competition site, and effectively expands the service object and service scope of professional rehabilitation physiotherapy.

In addition, in order to let the athletes have a better service experience, the ironmaster security team members also through the city electricity for boiler, heater, air conditioning, to ensure that the car temperature control at 25 degrees, at the same time to make necessary protective measures, such as: regular uv lamp disinfection in the car, timely supplement disinfection sterilization supplies

It is worth mentioning that although the Winter Olympic Games and training venues are mostly in extremely cold weather and the roads are difficult, coupled with the continuous serious epidemic, to the ironmaster security team's body and will brought a huge test -- cracked heels, frostbite and other physical problems, more frequently. However, the ironmaster security team members still overcome many difficulties and won the praise and praise of the national cross-country skiing training team, foreign athletes and coaches for their sincere, respectful and thoughtful rehabilitation physiotherapy services.


Ironmaster security team and Diniger (fourth from left) in the car

Leaders from the Winter Sports Management Center of the General Administration of Sport of China, the Equipment Center of the General Administration of Sport of China, the Gymnastics Management Center of the General Administration of Sport of China and the Chinese Cycling Association also gave high comments when they experienced and watched the Ironman technological medical support vehicle.

After the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, the Figure skating National Training Team sent a letter of thanks to Nantong Ironmaster Sporting Industrial Co., LTD and the staff of Ironmaster to commend the enterprises and individuals who made outstanding contributions to the Winter Olympic Games. They expressed their sincere gratitude for the services and equipment provided by Ironmaster for the athletes.

On the other hand, Ironmaster also training for the 2022 Beijing Olympic Games Chinese athlete needs to build a batch of "intelligent gas resistance equipment", to the state general administration of sports winter sports management center source Lai Yuan training base for use by the training of athletes, and provide professional fitness coach, according to the physical indicators data collection, to help athletes improve the quality of training, Carry out targeted and systematic training


Ironmaster intelligent gas resistance equipment in the LaiYuan training base

It can be said that, as an important cooperative unit of science and technology to help the Winter Olympics, ironmaster sports once again left the "ironmaster imprint" on the Olympic movement, showing the patriotism "help the Winter Olympics, have my ironmaster" !