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The main force of Chinese race walking gathered in Taicang for the Paris Olympic Trials

Time : 2024-03-04 Hits : 8

1On March 3, the 2024 World Athletics Walking Circuit and the National Walking Grand Prix (the 1st stop) and the Paris Olympic Trials (the 1st stop), operated by Ironman Sports, opened fire.

Yang Jiayu, holder of the women's 20km race walking world record (1 hour, 23 minutes and 49 seconds), Liu Hong, winner of the "Golden Slam" of the Olympic Games, World Championships and Asian Games, veteran of the Olympic Games and World Championships MEDALS, such as the main force that hit the highest podium in the Olympic race walking event gathered in Taicang.

2This competition is the World Athletics Federation gold standard event, is also the only stop of the Paris Olympic walking trials, a total of 545 athletes from 10 countries and regions such as Italy, Sweden, Australia and Ecuador came to participate. China's Zhang Jun beat Tokyo Olympic race walking champion Massimo Stano to win the men's 20km race walking title, while Ma Zhenxia beat teammate Yang Jiayu and others to win the women's title.


In recent years, with sufficient strategic reserves and excellent event operation capabilities, Ironman Sports has successfully operated several boutique race walking events, and countless race walkers have broken the limit, broken records and made new achievements here. In the future, Ironman Sports will continue to uphold the corporate spirit of "surpassing ourselves and climbing the peak", create a more perfect competition arena for athletes, and continuously inject "Ironman" power for China's track and field cause.

4Since both the Paris Olympic Games and the Trials are allowed to participate in dual events, the trials will be arranged on March 9 in reference to the schedule of the Paris Olympic Games.