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2024 Asian Indoor Athletics Championships丨Ironman Sports guarantees gold and silver for athletes

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Recently, the 11th Asian Indoor Athletics Championships held in the Iranian capital Tehran came to an end, and China's athletics team achieved 8 gold, 6 silver and 2 bronze medals, ranking first on the medal table.

Among them, Zhong Tao, an athlete trained by Ironman Sports Guarantee, won the gold medal in men's pole vault, while Niu Chunge and Qin Weibao won the silver medals in women's pole vault and men's 60-metre hurdles respectively.


Zhong Tao, a rising star in China's men's pole vault and the youngest athlete on the Chinese team at the competition, won the gold medal with a mark of 5 metres 65.


Niu Chunge (left) Zhong Tao (right)

In the women's pole vault competition on 20 February, Niu Chunge and the country's top competitor, Li Ling, also started with 4.20 metres, and after jumping over 4.30 metres and 4.41 metres, eventually finished second with a mark of 4.51 metres.


Qin Weibo and teacher Sun Haiping

Qin Weibao, an emerging talent in China's men's short hurdles event, standing nearly two metres tall with an outstanding stride, won the silver medal in the men's 60m hurdles event at the event with a time of 7'63.


Over the years, Ironman has been rooted in the sports industry, ploughing into the field of competitive sports, providing professional training equipment and solutions for dozens of training bases such as Shanghai Xinzhuang Athletics Training and Management Centre and North University of Physical Education, etc., as well as sending professional physical fitness instructors and rehabilitation instructors to accompany the team to ensure that they can help China's athletic athletes train scientifically and efficiently, and break through the limits and create good results in countless domestic and international large-scale competitions.

5In the future, Ironman Sports will continue to give full play to its own advantages, promote China's competitive sports to further enhance and strengthen the core competitiveness, and contribute to the "Ironman Power" for the construction of China's sports power.