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VF97339  Wooden Balance Board

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Quick Details

Exhibit size (mm): 391MM

Exhibit material: wood

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Detailed introduction

Improves core strength, posture, enhances coordination, sense of balance and visual sense.

NON-SLIP, GRIP SURFACE – A textured surface prevents slipping whether in shoes , barefoot or on your hands for improved stability and safety.

LIGHT & PORTABLE – 39.1cm diameter board is compact & light enough to carry so you can take your workout anywhere.

Great for use at the gym or even at the office; place the board under your standing desk and stand on it to improve posture without ever going to the gym; improve motion and strength in your ankles simply and affordably.

Using the board combined with your body weight is a great way to strengthen your core muscles and add stamina to your everyday muscles to alleviate pain and other symptoms from bad posture and sitting at a desk.

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