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Half Peanut Balance Ball

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Quick Details


Material: PVC + ABS

Product Features:

Plastic fat burning;

Enhance body balance and stability;

Improve motor flexibility,

Ankle rehabilitation training,

Assist spine and spine rehabilitation training

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Detailed introduction

This product is 103 cm long, 48.5 cm wide and 25 cm high. The curved surface composed of two hemispheres can concentrate more muscles, increase the difficulty, and improve the training effect when training in an unstable state. Its 5 mm thick spherical wall gives the product excellent explosion-proof performance, 

with a maximum load of 300 kg. The sphere of the product is made of PVC material, which is healthy and environmentally friendly and has no peculiar smell. The frosted texture on the surface of the ball makes the product more slip resistant and safe for fitness. The particles on the surface of the sphere allow you to 

massage while exercising, which makes the touch more comfortable and the effect more obvious.

The sphere and the chassis are integrated by injection molding, which avoids the embarrassment of layering and splitting. The overall appearance is beautiful, durable and quieter. The handles on both sides of the product can better assist you in exercising. The base of the thickened peanut airbag stepper is made of ABS 

material, which is more resistant to high temperature, not easy to deform, and more durable. There are 4 long strips of non-slip washers on the bottom, so that training does not pick up the field, even on smooth ground.

There are also two push-up brackets attached to the bottom of the peanut airbag, which truly achieves two uses for one product.Both sides of the peanut airbag stepper can be used for training, and the abdominal breathing in the core training accompanies the whole process. More oxygen consumption and higher frequency 

make the core muscles contract repeatedly. While the consumption is increased, it can get rid of fat more efficiently.

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