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Zhao Yong, deputy director of the State General Administration of Sports, investigated and guided the "Iron Man Wisdom of All People" project of the Nanjing City Wall

Time : 2020-03-31 Hits : 53

       On the evening of April 24, Zhao Yong, deputy director of the State General Administration of Sports and a member of the party group, went to the Nanjing City Wall ’s Shenzemen to Taipingmen section to investigate and guide the construction and operation of the Nanjing City Wall ’s “Iron Man Wisdom of All People” project. Liu Guoyong, director of the Department of Groups of the State General Administration of Sport, Wang Liwei, director of the Youth Division of the General Administration of Sport, and Liu Tong, deputy director of the Provincial Sports Bureau, accompanied the investigation.

       During the survey, Deputy Director Zhao Yong and other leaders ascended the Nanjing City Wall, stopped in front of the Iron Man National Intelligence Road Sports Data Display, and listened to the introduction of the person in charge. The Iron Man's All People's Intelligence Road is an important product of national fitness that our company has devoted to for two years. By connecting with a smartphone, it can record and display athletes' sports data in real time and automatically rank them, allowing participants to understand themselves more intuitively. As well as the sports situation of others, while enhancing the fun and interaction of sports, it also guides the public's scientific fitness and plays a good motivating role.

        Deputy Director Zhao Yong affirmed the innovation of Intellectual Intelligence for the Iron Man, and gave guidance on the overall construction and operation of the National Intellectual Intelligence Project of the Nanjing City Wall, encouraged technological innovation and model innovation in the field of fitness for all, and helped more good products like National Intelligence Promote the development of national fitness.