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This year, the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic raged all over the world, which brought great challenges to the company's development. Chairman Huang is not afraid of dangers and facing difficulties, while commanding the prevention and control of the

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          In order to strengthen employees' traffic safety awareness and prevent traffic accidents, the company organized training on traffic safety knowledge on April 23. This training company invited the Miao police officer of the Sixth Brigade of Nantong Traffic Police with rich work experience and on-site practical experience to give a lecture. During the training, Officer Miao first taught several reasons why battery car drivers are prone to traffic accidents, in-depth analysis and explanation of the harm caused by battery car traffic accidents, and explained the traffic laws to the participants by playing the "traffic accident safety film" promotional video Regulations, battery car riding regulations and other traffic safety knowledge emphasize the need to profoundly learn the painful lessons of traffic accidents and keep the traffic safety alarming. After the training, Officer Miao distributed the safety helmet to the employees of the company on behalf of the Sixth Nantong Traffic Police Brigade.