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Surpassing yourself and climbing the peak-special report on the 2016 Iron Man elite training camp

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In order to enhance the cohesion of the company team, increase the sense of belonging of employees, promote communication between employees, and truly reflect the corporate spirit of “I surpass ourselves and climb the peak” of the Iron Man, the Iron Man Elite Training Camp was officially opened on June 25 in the scenic Nantong Garden Expo Start camp.

the Rainbow comes after the storm! The heavy rain in the morning failed to stop the high enthusiasm of the Iron Man employees. Under the coach's training, the team members gradually entered the state, the group sentiment rose, and the pace was unified, showing a strong team fighting power. All the players were dressed in camouflage uniforms, divided into two camps, and formed six teams including "1205 Drilling Team", "Iron Man Eagles" and "Iron Man".For this event, all projects were designed with reference to the company's core values. Each team completed projects such as ice-breaking, military training, challenge 150, speed 60 seconds, trust back, rock climbing, graduation wall and other projects.

In the process of completing the project, although there are difficulties and obstacles, after continuous summing up and repeated attempts, through the sincere cooperation and hard work of the team members, they have finally created a remarkable achievement. In the process, the dark clouds of the sky gradually dissipated the smoke, exposing the blue sky, as if applauding the triumphant triumphant.

The most shocking thing is the final graduation wall project. The wall is 4.25 meters high. All members must climb to the top without any tools. So everyone clung tightly with their hands, with their shoulders up the ladder, and used their bodies as step stones for teammates to climb. Some people's clothes were covered with mud, and their hair was covered with sand.However, the team members fully carried forward the iron man Wang Jinxi's spirit of fearless difficulties, courage to challenge, and never give up. Everyone's belief in success is undiminished, and the cheering of the cheer was even louder. In the end, the whole team scored 22 minutes 08 seconds Passed the graduation wall.

The Iron Man Elite Training Camp was a complete success! The "Iron Man Spirit" of "Beyond Self, Climbing to the Peak" is more deeply rooted in the hearts of people, inspiring every Iron Man employee to work in a courageous manner without fear of challenge, unity and collaboration, and to better complete work tasks.