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Sun Haiping, deputy head coach of the National Track and Field Team, visits Ironman Sports for inspection and guidance

Time : 2020-08-19 Hits : 69

On the morning of July 9, Sun Haiping, deputy head coach of the National Track and Field Team, visited Triathlon to inspect the progress of the training equipment research and development project "Technology Boosts the Olympics". Chairman Huang Chengbin and main R&D personnel accompanied the inspection.

 In 2017, the company launched the "Technology Boosts the Olympics" project, with the goal of developing advanced and intelligent special physical training equipment to help athletes improve their basic physical fitness and special training level, and help the national team prepare for the Tokyo Olympics. At present, the company has successfully developed nearly 30 patented intelligent adjustable air resistance physical training equipment, which are suitable for special training of track and field, weightlifting, swimming, kayaking and other Olympic events. It has been listed as an "iron man" by the State Sports General Administration. It is planned to recommend equipment to be used in many national teams.

Recently, the company focused on the development of two training equipment for hurdles, which are used to strengthen the strength training of muscle groups such as hips and legs, and help athletes improve the training effect of technical movements such as kicking and attacking the hurdle. This time, the company specially invited coach Sun Haiping to visit and give guidance on technical improvements in product functions and ergonomic design. Coach Sun asked the accompanying physical coach to conduct a trial experience, carefully guide the technical movements, carefully check the movement trajectory and movement data, and asked about the experience of use. The scientific and reasonable movement trajectory and the rich and detailed exercise data have been fully affirmed by Coach Sun. He was very pleased to say that the equipment has basically reached the training requirements. The successful development of the two equipment has improved the training methods of China's hurdles. The improvement of training level will play a certain role in promoting.

      Chairman Huang Chengbin expressed his heartfelt gratitude to Coach Sun for his guidance, and said that the company will continue to increase R&D investment, continuously improve equipment functions, improve product performance, and effectively guarantee the implementation of the State Administration’s “Technology Boosts the Olympics” project, and provide more for the national track and field team. Advanced training equipment has made due contributions to the improvement of China's athletics level including hurdles.