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This is a sport hammer that is different from those currently on the market. The sport hammers currently on the market are basically made of solid steel, basically black, with a single color and lack of interest. The hammer introduced today broke our inherent impression of this product. Its appearance is made of macarons pink, which is a sports and fitness hammer very suitable for women.

The inner core of the hammer is forged from high-carbon steel and undergoes high-frequency segmented quenching treatment to make it harder and more resistant to impact. One-piece forging from beginning to end will not break during a violent impact. The end of the hammer is a sphere, and the dot-like bumps and stripes increase the friction, which makes us feel at ease in the impact training. The upper part is a frosted treatment, which has high anti-slip performance, which can give you 100% peace of mind no matter where your hand holds the hammer.

This hammer is not only an ideal choice for training your impact training, after you exercise, this hammer can even be used as your massage axis. The protruding design on the top of the hammer enlarges the contact surface, simulating finger pressing, and reaching the sore point, so that the massage effect is not inferior to the professional massage shaft.

1. Before doing this set of actions, you need a hammer and a tire. Stand about two feet in front of the tire with your feet in tandem, holding the hammer with both hands.
2. If you are right-handed, hold the tail of the hammer with your left hand and the upper half of the hammer with your right hand.
3. When you swing the sledgehammer, slide your right hand up with the hammer handle. When you swing the hammer down, slide your right hand down to the left hand. Hammer the tire hard. Pay attention to control the rebound of the hammer.
4. Repeat the action.