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"Li Ning" brand founder and "gymnastic prince" Li Ning visited the Iron Man company

Time : 2020-03-31 Hits : 135

On September 27, Li Ning, the founder of the "Li Ning" brand, Li Ning, the "Prince of Gymnastics", and Huang Xu, the Olympic gymnastics champion, came to visit our company. The company's chairman Huang Chengbin and deputy general manager Kang Zheng accompanied the visit.

Li Ning and his party successively visited the Iron Man Health Industrial Park and the company headquarters. Mr. Huang welcomed Li Ning and his party and briefly introduced the company's development and products. Li Ning is very interested in the company's Vine brand fitness gadgets and fitness training equipment. Li Ning said that Li Ning Company and Iron Man Company are well-known companies in their respective fields. Although they are in different industries, they are both companies serving the national sports industry and the national fitness industry. .

      The Vine brand is a fitness product sub-brand registered by the Iron Man company in the United States in 2014. Vine means vine and climbing plant, and has tenacious vitality. The brand implies "endless life and more than movement", and advocates "happy movement and healthy life". Products include yoga mats, yoga balls, foam shafts, balanced hemispheres, stretch bands, and other personal education gadgets, as well as small pieces of fitness such as skipping ropes, grips, arm sticks, and abdominal wheels.