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Our company sponsors "2015 National Sports Industry Vocational Skills Contest" and wins "Special Contribution Award"

Time : 2020-03-30 Hits : 49

From November 17th to 20th, the "2015 National Sports Industry Vocational Skills Competition" was grandly held in Beijing Water Cube. Our company sponsors this competition with love, and provides safe and reliable competition equipment such as energy packs, yoga balls, yoga mats, balance hemispheres, kettle bells, dumbbells, etc. to help contestants play the best competition while obtaining a good competition experience. Level.

The three-day fierce competition put forward extremely high requirements on the equipment, and high-intensity and high-frequency lifting, impacting, stamping, and other actions are a severe test on the quality and performance of the equipment. Iron Man equipment successfully passed this "big exam" with its extremely high stability and reliability, which provided a guarantee for the success of the competition, and was widely praised by the organizing committee, contestants, coaches and referees. After the competition, the Organizing Committee awarded our company a "Special Contribution Award" for this competition.

Our company has always pursued the business philosophy of "quality first, providing customers with quality products and satisfactory services", and in recent years has made great efforts to pay close attention to product quality. From the raw material procurement, product production, quality inspection and other links to good quality control, product quality continues to improve, and is well received by new and old customers. The organizing committee of this competition chose our company as a special support unit, and provided competition equipment for the competition is full trust and affirmation of our company. Our company stated that it will continue to develop and innovate, provide more and better fitness equipment for the majority of new and old customers, and become a good companion for your bodybuilding.