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National Athletics Championships | 8.36 meters! Jiangsu Ironman Athletics Team Wang Jianan jumped out of this year's world best record to win

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8 meters 36!

In the men's long jump final of the 2020 National Athletics Championships last night
Wang Jianan, Jiangsu Ironman Track and Field Team
Won the championship with an excellent result of 8.36 meters
And created the best result in the world this year


In the men's long jump final of the National Athletics Championships, the Jiangsu Ironman Athletics Team Wang Jianan won the championship with 8.36 meters, demonstrating the first man in the country and surpassing the 8 meters that Japan's new star Hashioka Yuki jumped 4 days ago. 29. Become the best of the season.

Since last year, due to injuries and other factors, Wang Jianan’s competitive strength has not returned to its peak. After continuous adjustments and the stimulation of opponents, his strength has finally recovered to a high level of 8.30 meters. He is currently the most promising player of the Chinese team to hit the Olympic medal. 

The competition is supported by Nantong Ironman Sports Goods Co., Ltd. and other cooperation, sponsored by China Athletics Association, Zhejiang Sports Bureau; Zhejiang Athletics Association, Shaoxing Sports Bureau, Shangyu District People's Government.

This event is the first national track and field championship after the outbreak of the epidemic this year. The competition is meticulously planned and prepared in accordance with the guidance of the General Administration of Sports "Scientific and Orderly Resumption of Sports Events". This championship brings together top domestic track and field athletes and national team athletes. .