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Mr. Valentini, the mayor of Siena, Italy, and his party visited the Iron Man Company

Time : 2020-03-31 Hits : 63

On the morning of October 22nd, Mr. Valentini, the mayor of Siena, Italy, Mr. Tafani, the director of the Sports Bureau of Siena and the director of the International Relations Department, and Professor Cataldi, the president of the Siena University of Foreign Studies visited the Ironman. Pan Qiang, deputy director of Nantong Foreign Overseas Affairs Office, and Xiang Weining, former director of the Municipal Foreign Economic and Trade Commission, accompanied the visit. Chairman Huang Chengbin warmly welcomed and met the visitors.

President Huang had a cordial exchange with the Siena delegation. The two sides exchanged views and reached preliminary cooperation intentions on the research and design of fitness equipment, sports products, trade, youth sports training and other issues.

During the visit, the Italian guests visited the company's sample room, and were quite interested in the company's fitness equipment products. They were surprised at the richness and variety of the company's products. Mr. Valentini affirmed the company's products after the experience, and hoped that the future of Siena Sports Development could have more contact with the Iron Man Company, and looked forward to further exchanges and cooperation between the two parties in the future.

For a long time, Iron Man has maintained good relations with Italian sports companies, and has been trading for nearly 20 years. The company and Italian sports brands Intersport, High Power, COOP are very good partners. The visit of the Siena delegation led by Mayor Valentini created a good opportunity for further deepening the exchange and cooperation between the two sides in the field of sports.