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Leaders of Suzhou Sports Bureau visited Ironman Sports for inspection and guidance

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On June 2nd, Li Bin, Deputy Director of Suzhou Sports Bureau, Cao Xu, Director of Suzhou Sports Center, Chen Jun, Director of Group Division of Suzhou Sports Bureau, and Han Ding, Secretary General of Suzhou Sports Federation, and other leaders came to inspect and exchange. Accompanied by Yan Shaobiao, Deputy Director of Nantong Sports Bureau, Xu Feng, Director of Group Division, and Huang Chengbin, Chairman of the company, Director Li and his entourage came to Qidong City Dingcang Port Sports Park and Haimen City Weijiao River Intelligent Trail planned and constructed by our company. , And the National Fitness Center, Ironman Health Industrial Park and Intelligent Physical Training Center in the development zone.

In the morning, Director Li and his entourage first came to Dingcanggang Sports Park in Qidong City for inspection.

Dingcanggang Sports Park was redesigned and planned by our company at the end of 2018. Based on the original sports venues, a total length of 3,900 meters of smart trails, as well as a comprehensive fitness area, a multi-functional fitness area, a strength fitness area, and a children’s play area, were planned and constructed. There are 7 fitness facilities including fitness area for senior citizens, landscape inn and table tennis area. After the completion of the park, it has greatly enriched the sports facilities and attracted a large number of surrounding people to go for fitness and play. It has become a demonstration project for the local and even Nantong national fitness venues.

Afterwards, the leaders drove to the Weijiao River Smart Trail in Haimen City to check the supporting Ironman Wisdom II fitness trail. Compared with the traditional fitness path, this set of equipment has the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection, intelligence and high durability. The equipment comes with an LCD screen, which can display exercise data such as exercise time, number of times, and calories consumed; the installed solar energy storage and power supply system can ensure the daily power consumption of the LCD screen; at the same time, you can scan the code through your mobile phone to view the product on the mobile phone. Basic information, use instruction videos, and rich content such as exercise data, exercise plans, and sports rankings have greatly improved the convenience and fun of the equipment; in addition, the equipment is also characterized by high durability, and the equipment is equipped with high-intensity self-control The clean film umbrella structure roof can effectively reduce the erosion of the equipment by the sun and rain, extend the service life of the equipment, and can be used and maintained for more than 15 years; at the same time, the roof can also play a role in shading and avoiding rain. It greatly reduces the limitation of weather factors on the use of equipment, and people can also use equipment for exercise in the sunny summer or rainy weather.

The novel and unique shapes and rich functions have attracted leaders to stop and see and experience, and affirmed the innovation and functionality of the product.

In the afternoon, Director Li and his entourage also visited and inspected the National Fitness Center, the Ironman Health Industrial Park and the Intelligent Physical Fitness Training Center in the development zone to learn about the operation of the ironman stadium, the research and development and production of fitness equipment, physical training and competition operations. The innovation strength and professionalism of sports service business such as sports event operation have been fully affirmed. At the symposium, Director Li said that Suzhou and Nantong are separated by the river and are closely connected. There are many places in the sports field that can be learned from each other. The sports bureaus and sports enterprises of the two places should strengthen exchanges and cooperation, exchange what is needed, and promote the two places. The cooperation and development of sports and the sports industry will be taken to a higher level, and the cross-river integration of sports development will be realized as soon as possible.