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Ironman Sports Rehabilitation Center fully guarantees the 2020 National Athletics Championships

Time : 2020-10-09 Hits : 144

On September 15, the 4-day tide of Shangyu·2020 National Athletics Championships officially kicked off in Shaoxing Shangyu New Sports Center. As the cooperative support unit of this competition, Ironman has carefully planned and arranged the "Ironman Sports Physical Rehabilitation Center" to provide all-round technical support and services such as pre-match training and post-match recovery for participating athletes.

Starting from September 13th, in only 2 days, the Ironman Sports Rehabilitation Center completed the equipment layout, installation and commissioning work, and it was officially put into use on September 15.

The use of digital equipment, combined with the most cutting-edge physical and rehabilitation knowledge, integrates sports injury prevention and sports rehabilitation, and can objectively identify bad postures and weaknesses in training during use, so as to correct and correct them in time. improve. At the same time, it can also detect the flexibility and stability of each joint, monitor whether the limbs are symmetrical, and find problems early and make adjustments, which can effectively reduce the risk of sports injuries.
Triathlon’s rehabilitation team actively provides athletes with pre-match warm-up and post-match relaxation services, prepares emergency treatment plans in advance for sudden injuries that may occur to athletes, establishes a rehabilitation treatment cycle system, and protects athletes’ physical function and movement The function can cope with high-intensity matches.

During the competition, the Ironman Sports Rehabilitation Center will make every effort to ensure the smooth holding of the National Track and Field Championships.