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Ironman Sports Intelligent Painting Production Line officially launched

Time : 2020-08-18 Hits : 70

On the morning of May 27, amidst the roar of firecrackers, the launching ceremony of the Tierman Sports Intelligent Coating Production Line with a total investment of more than 5 million yuan was held in Tierman Health Industrial Park. The company’s vice president and factory director Kang Ye, executive deputy director Wang Weifeng and other leaders Attend the launch ceremony.

The ironman sports intelligent coating production line adopts the industry's advanced coating equipment, which is mainly composed of a pretreatment system, a spraying system, and a suspension system. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, environmental protection, energy saving, and safety. The bath liquid heating of the pretreatment system adopts position control to realize automatic temperature control of the bath liquid, with high reliability of temperature control, and the time from normal temperature to process temperature is less than 1 hour. The spraying system adopts the filter element type recycling automatic + manual powder spraying system and the cyclone quick color change automatic + manual powder spraying system. It is a new and economical rapid color change system. It takes about 10% to clean the spray room and complete the color change. Up to 20 minutes, the single separation rate can reach more than 95%.

The equipment control adopts an intelligent electrical control system, equipped with PLC and touch screen devices, which can be combined with the operating equipment on the production line with Ethernet, can operate and observe the electrical operation status online, remotely monitor the production data, and can record in real time The technical parameters and operating conditions of each machine at each work position of the production line ensure the normal operation of the production line and the qualified rate of the product.

We believe that after the official launch of the intelligent coating production line, the company's production capacity will be further improved, and the product quality will be improved.