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Ironman Sports and Shenyang Sports College signed a strategic cooperation agreement

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On the morning of August 12th, Dean Liu Zheng of Shenyang Institute of Physical Education and his entourage visited the company for inspection and guidance. The two parties signed a strategic cooperation agreement to promote school-enterprise cooperation and the integration of production, education and research.

Dean Liu and his entourage first visited the Ironman Intelligent Fitness Training Center, fully affirmed the company's professional equipment such as the company's intelligent adjustable air resistance fitness training equipment, and then went to the conference room on the second floor to participate in the signing ceremony. At the signing ceremony, Dean Liu introduced the work of Shenyang Institute of Physical Education in teaching, training, and scientific research, especially the four laboratories built by the school (molecular laboratory, mechanics laboratory, psychology laboratory, brain electricity laboratory) With four centers (test center, big data center, physical fitness center, nutrition center), the integration between the school and the sports industry has been greatly improved, and a multi-dimensional cooperation platform between the sports industry entity company and the school will be built. Chairman Huang Chengbin introduced the company’s development and future expectations in recent years, saying that the company and the school have adopted the school-enterprise cooperation model to share big data, talent training, scientific research results transformation, internship training, entrepreneurship and employment base construction, and hire school experts to the company There is a lot of room for cooperation in areas such as guidance.

The company’s deputy general manager Wang Jing and Shenyang Sports Institute’s Admissions and Employment Office (Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center) Director Wang Ke signed a strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of the company and Shenyang Sports Institute. Li Zhiqiang, director of the Party and Government Office (Performance Office) of Shenyang Sports Institute, and related company The person in charge attended the signing ceremony.