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Ironman helps the National Track and Field Team's physical fitness competition to be successfully held

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October 19-20
The 2020 National Athletics Team Military Training and Physical Contest was successfully held at the National Team Training Base of Beijing Sport University for a two-day competition, allowing the athletes of the National Athletics Team to start a new round of competition.

The teams participating in this competition are: sprint, hurdle, race walking, high jump, pole vault, long jump, triple jump, javelin, discus, shot put, hammer, etc.

This competition is hosted by the Chinese Athletic Association and co-organized by Triathlon. Triathlon provided a scientific and professional test plan for this physical fitness competition, and provided test assistance and detailed data analysis on the spot.

This physical fitness competition is a test for the athletes, and it is also an opportunity to discover deficiencies and make up for their shortcomings. Not only did they mobilize their energy, but also increased their sense of urgency in preparing for the Olympics, providing a strong driving force for preparing for the Tokyo Olympics.