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Iron Man Team Wins Chongchuan Design Skills Competition

Time : 2020-03-31 Hits : 73

Recently, the 2016 Nantong Chongchuan Development Zone employee mechanical engineering design skills competition was held at Nantong University. The event attracted Wanda Boiler, Diesel Engine, Jintongling, Tongneng Precision Machinery, Iron Man Sports Products, Tongzhou Electronics, Nanya Plastics, Huaxing Chemical A total of 31 players from R & F and other enterprises participated. Yuan Haichun, vice chairman of Chongchuan Federation of Trade Unions, Xue Hong, deputy director of Modern Education Technology Center of Nantong University, Ding Yubin and Jia Yanli, members of the Party Working Committee of the Development Zone and deputy directors of the management committee, also attended the event.

This skill competition is part of the ninth employee skills competition in Chongchuan District. Previously, the participating companies in Chongchuan Development Zone have conducted internal selection. Looking at the competition topics in the past three years, the difficulty is higher than one year. The competition is mainly based on computer 3D modeling, virtual assembly and animation simulation. Based on the information provided on the assembly drawing, working principle diagram, part drawing and text description, the computer software is used to create a 3D model of the part and perform virtual assembly. Generate 2D layouts and part drawings as required. In addition, according to a given part, component or product model, select a suitable mapping tool for disassembly, mapping, and drawing of one or more parts, quickly draw a part drawing, and perform 3D computer modeling to generate a 2D engineering drawing and label. Dimensions and related technical requirements. Finally, the ranking is determined by the production effect and the comprehensive completion time. After two hours of fierce competition, our company ’s technical department Zhang Xianfeng won the first prize, the engineering department Ge Weihua won the first prize, the technical department took the Haipeng second prize, and the technical department Cai Peipei third prize.

After the competition, a staff member asked curiously: Why did Nantong Ironman get the big prize every year? In fact, the trick to winning is that Nantong Ironman attaches great importance to technological innovation. Bao Jianfeng emerged from sharpening, and the fragrance of plum blossoms came from bitter cold. In normal times, Nantong Ironman pays attention to improving the business skills of designers, guiding employees to take up posts, learn technology, drill business, improve job skills, and maximize the motivation and creativity of employees. This competition is an affirmation of our company's technical work. It will not only help technicians improve their work level, but also inspire more iron man to surpass themselves and climb the peak bravely. It has very positive significance.