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Guo Yuanqiang, Vice Governor of Jiangsu Province, visited the Canton Fair and visited our booth

Time : 2020-03-31 Hits : 68

      On the afternoon of May 3rd, Guo Yuanqiang, Vice Governor of Jiangsu Province, investigated the 123rd Canton Fair, visited exhibitors from our province, and visited our company's booth for inspection and guidance. Vice Chairman Wang Bei warmly received and introduced the basic situation of the company and foreign trade to Vice Governor Guo, and the main products exhibited at this exhibition.

      Vice Governor Guo is very interested in the company's products, asking about the material technology, usage methods and functions of the product, and from time to time pick up dumbbells, grips and other small products to try out the experience. Vice Governor Guo is concerned about whether the complicated international situation will affect the company's exports. President Wang said that the company's exports have grown steadily in recent years, and its products are mainly exported to European and American countries and regions. The turbulent international situation and the US trade war with China have not greatly affected the export of fitness equipment. Vice Governor Guo encouraged us to practice the spirit of artisans, innovate and strive for excellence, increase product added value and competitiveness, further expand exports, and sell good products of Iron Man to the world!