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Both National Fitness and Competitive Sports-Ironman Sports Shines at the 2020 Sports Expo

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From September 28th to 30th, the 2020 China International Sporting Goods Expo was grandly held at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. The Sports Expo is the largest and most influential sporting goods exhibition in the Asia-Pacific region. This exhibition brought together many well-known manufacturers in the sports goods industry at home and abroad, with a gathering of brands and boutiques.

As a comprehensive service provider of national fitness and competitive sports, Ironman has an exhibition area of 630 square meters and exhibits with the latest research and development of intelligent products. The products cover commercial fitness, home fitness, community fitness, sports parks, school sports, competitive sports training, etc., and are committed to providing scientific fitness and physical training solutions for different groups of people. This exhibition mainly exhibited four series of products: competitive training equipment, smart commercial equipment, outdoor fitness equipment and fitness equipment. Relying on the technological innovation of its products, Ironman won the two awards of the "Innovative Promotion Finalist Enterprise" and "Silver Award of Indoor Smart Home Treadmill" in this sports expo.

During the exhibition, Li Yingchuan, Deputy Director of the State Sports General Administration, Liu Fumin, Director of the Economics Department of the State General Administration of Sports, and Li Hua, Chairman of the China Sporting Goods Industry Federation, accompanied by Chairman Huang Chengbin, visited the ironman sports booth and gave instructions to the ironman sports intelligent fitness equipment.
agree. Deputy Director Li Yingchuan focused on competitive training equipment and stopped to observe the demonstration of the use of physical fitness coaches. He said that the traditional fitness equipment manufacturer expanded from the field of national fitness to the R&D and production of professional competitive sports training equipment. This is a good attempt and breakthrough. Innovative development and the upgrading of the fitness equipment manufacturing industry are of positive significance. Chairman Huang Chengbin expressed his heartfelt thanks to the leaders for their care and guidance, and introduced the four major series of products exhibited in this exhibition to the leaders.

Competitive training equipment

Intelligent adjustable air resistance physical training series

The intelligent adjustable air resistance physical training series uses advanced cylinder resistance technology, which can accurately adjust the resistance value at a minimum of 0.1 kg, and ensure that the entire movement stroke remains stable and smooth, and minimizes the risk of sports injuries. The equipment is equipped with intelligent interconnection functions such as Android operating system, wireless network WIFI, Bluetooth link, face recognition, etc. It is set with multiple training modes such as regular mode, flexible stretching, explosive training and functional muscle strength. It can display training data and display training reports in real time, so that coaches and athletes can understand the current specific physical fitness level and provide a reference for adjusting training plans.


◆ Competitive aerobic series

The competitive aerobic series is specially designed and developed for professional athletes, mainly used to strengthen muscle endurance training, improve cardiopulmonary function and athlete physical fitness test. The exhibits this year mainly include magnetron wind reluctance power test vehicle, smart wind reluctance rowing machine (dynamometer), arc-shaped unpowered treadmill and smart climbing machine. In addition, there are intelligent centrifugal resistance squat trainers and intelligent electronically controlled swimming trainers.


Smart commercial equipment

The aerobic and strength series of smart commercial equipment are equipped with intelligent interconnection functions such as Android operating system, wireless network WIFI, Bluetooth connection and LCD touch screen. Among them, the aerobic series also has a face recognition function. The LCD touch screen has a friendly operation interface. The aerobic series can adjust various exercise parameters and display exercise data such as speed, time, heart rate, and calories burned; the strength series can display exercise data such as exercise time, times, power, and calories burned. By registering and establishing personal fitness files on the smart phone through smart interconnection technology, the smart phone can display fitness reports synchronously, and the exercise data is clear at a glance, bringing users a good fitness experience.

Outdoor national fitness equipment

◆ Outdoor smart fitness station series

The outdoor smart fitness station series has the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection, intelligence and high durability compared with the traditional outdoor paths. The equipment comes with an LCD screen, which can display a wealth of exercise data; the installed solar energy storage power supply system can guarantee the daily power consumption of the LCD screen; at the same time, by scanning the code on the mobile phone, you can view the basic product information, use instruction videos and Rich content such as sports data; equipment is equipped with a high-strength self-cleaning roof, which can effectively reduce the erosion of the equipment by sun exposure and rain, and extend the service life of the equipment.


◆ V3.0 Smart Trail

The V3.0 smart trail is an upgraded version of the smart trail, equipped with a multifunctional health column and a horizontal intelligent interactive large screen. It supports three login methods: mobile APP, WeChat applet, and face recognition; no need to register after the first registration to form its own proprietary database; it can display exercise mileage, calories burned, exercise time, average speed and other information.


◆ Intelligent physical test kiosk

The intelligent body test kiosk has a hexagonal structure and can test multiple indicators such as height/weight/body composition, grip strength, sit-ups, push-ups/reaction time, vertical jump/single-leg test, and step index. The device has a face recognition function, and non-contact monitoring of the user's heart rate, body temperature and respiration through the acquisition device; at the same time, it is equipped with a SOS one-key distress button. After pressing the button, it will automatically connect to the background manager, display the specific distress location, and Remote video call assistance is available. The solar power system on the top and the umbrella roof ensure that the equipment can be used all day.


In addition to the above heavy products, the outdoor national fitness equipment exhibited this time also includes aerobic series, cylinder series and parent-child series.

Fitness pieces

This exhibition also brought a variety of fitness accessories such as dumbbells, barbells, fitness kits, medical balls, yoga series, skipping ropes, and abdominal wheels to meet the diverse needs of home fitness and personal training studios.