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Arm Power Wrist Device

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Different from the traditional big and bulky wrist power device, this is a new type of arm power wrist device, which is small and light. The wrist strength device is 16 cm long and 20 cm wide, small and light. Its compact structure allows you to easily and conveniently store it at home without taking up too much space. Whether you are going to the gym, the office or at home, this wrist device is the best choice.

The silver part of the wrist force device is made of PC material, which is environmentally friendly and has no peculiar smell. The middle place is where you can add the logo you want, and the black handle below is the foam part, which is comfortable to hold and not easy to slip. The gear position adjustment of this wrist force device is to pull out the handle part and turn it to adjust the gear position power. The adjustment direction can be adjusted according to the instructions of the cutting head, and the opposite direction is adjusted to increase the strength. 2000 times of resistance to rotation deformation test, safe use and rest assured fitness.


Forearm exercise usage introduction: exercise wrist and forearm
Hold the wrist force device upside down in a "W" shape, and place the palm on your chest as far as possible. Rotate from the inside to the outside according to the arrow of the handle, and straighten your arm forward while rotating. Then play it back on the chest and repeat the action.


Introduction to upper forearm exercise usage: exercise wrist strength and muscle groups (action 2, the basis of the following actions)
Hold the handle with both hands, first rotate it from the outside to the inside, then retract it from the inside to the outside, repeat the operation, each group of 20, 5 groups at a time, take a few minutes a day, whether sitting or standing.


Back and triceps exercise usage introduction: while exercising wrist strength, it is very conducive to the overall stretching of the shoulder deltoid muscles and triceps exercises.
The preparatory action for this action is action 2 above, and then bend the arm around the top of the head and place it on the back. While rotating the wrist, straighten the arm upward. Then relax and rebound again to the back, repeat the action.


Triceps and chest exercises: wrist strength, overall arms, shoulders and pectoral muscles can be exercised (this exercise is especially suitable for girls and is conducive to gathering the chest and slender arms)
The initial action is also action 2. Place the wrist force device at the level of the chest and chin, and then straighten the arm downward while rotating from the outside to the inside. Relax and rebound to the chest and repeat the action.


This wrist force device allows boys to shape forearm muscles more professionally, exercise muscles, and build the most stylish body; it allows girls to lose weight and fitness, so that the perfect combination of strength and beauty.