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2016 "Iron Man Cup" Guangxi Physical Fitness All-round King civil hegemony successfully concluded

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The chairman of the company Huang Chengbin addressed the opening ceremony

On the morning of December 11th, the "Iron Man Cup" Guangxi Physical Fitness All-round King Folk Contest Autonomous Region Finals sponsored by our company was successfully held in Lining Sports Park in Nanning.

The competition started on October 29. A number of preliminary and rematch rounds were held in cities, counties and districts throughout Guangxi. After selection, a total of 99 Guangxi sports talents stood out and advanced to the finals to compete for "Guangxi King of Physical Fitness "title.

At 9 am, with the opening of the competition by the Deputy Director of the Sports Bureau of the Autonomous Region, Wu Shude, 99 contestants completed one-minute pull-ups (women sit-ups), standing long jumps, grip strength tests, and vertical high jumps. , Back strength test, 4 * 25 meters return to run six events. Before the start of each event, the player also needs to answer a knowledge question about national fitness.

      After three hours of intense physical and intellectual competition, Nanning's team became the biggest winner, not only winning the first place in the group, but also including the top three men's and women's groups, becoming the tournament's "three crowns." The top three players in the men's group were Ma Jian, with 659 points, Wei Jiayi's 618 points, and Huang Jin with 590 points; the top three women's groups were Nanning player Shen Lian with 601 points, guest player Qin Lu with 579 points and Yulin Player Liang Ximei scored 576 points.

With the determination of the men and women group "Guangxi King of Physical Fitness", the 40-day competition ended successfully. As a title sponsor, Iron Man has participated in the planning and organization of the competition throughout the process, providing comprehensive support from the competition system design, prizes and material preparation, which fully reflects the company's active participation and support for the development of the national fitness program Determination.

In recent years, Iron Man has successfully transformed into a comprehensive sports company that manufactures fitness equipment and sports services simultaneously, sponsoring and organizing various mass sports events and activities throughout the country. This contest attracted widespread attention in Guangxi and was warmly welcomed by the people in the region. Such satisfactory results have further stimulated the iron man to take the responsibility for serving the development of the national fitness industry, research and produce more high-quality products, support the organization of more colorful mass sports events and activities, and make due efforts for the development of the national fitness industry contribution.