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IR97303B aerobic step

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Exhibit size (mm): 400*400*150MM

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Detailed introduction

1. Enhance Cardiovascular Health

Step Aerobics is a fantastic way to get both your lungs and your heart to work at an increased rate. As a result, it can reduce the chance of cardiovascular related illness and improve your workout performance.

2. Help In Weight Loss & Gain Muscles

Science proves that 45 minutes of step aerobics can help you burn up to 450 calories. It’s also great to develop buttocks, quadriceps, hamstrings, calve muscles, hip flexors (the group of muscles at the top of your leg).

3. Increase Versatility

Stepping exercises are great but you can combine with weight or resistance training to get extra burning fat workouts. Great for Jump Step-Ups, Offset-Pushup Crossover, Squat-Pop Over, Decline Mountain Climber, & more.

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