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Push Up Bars + Ab Roller Wheel

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Quick Details


(1)Traditional Push Up Workout;

(2)Ab Roller Wheel Workout;

(3)Bicep Curl Workout

Packaging & Delivery



Detailed introduction

Push Up Bars offer you the ability to perform BOTH Push Ups and Ab Roller Wheel exercises within a single set of equipment. As you switch from Push Ups to 

Abs Rolling workout, you do not have to swop from a traditional push up stands to an ab wheel equipment and vice versa anymore. Each set of purchase will 

includes: 2 x Push Up Bars Handles, 2 x Suction Brake Pads, 2 x Knee Mats, a few spare parts and an instruction manual.

 As our pushup bars come in a pair, user can make use of the wheels to move in different range of motions and vary their workout as such. With our workout 

equipments, user can now perform push ups chest fly laterally to further isolate and target your pectoral muscle. Ab roller exercise can also be varied by 

extending your arms outwards (instead of only forward) so as to further isolate your core and back muscles.

Our Push Up Handles are specially designed with wheel for users to add exercise variations. A different set of muscle groups can surprisingly be activated while 

performing the same exercise, just by simply varying your exercises via different angles, different grip styles and different postures. Incorporating push ups 

variations or abs workout variations with Push Up Bars is necessary to effectively build strength and further tone a your body parts.

WORKOUT ANYWHERE: Portable and Compact, our push up equipment allows user to transport and store it with ease. Perfect for home gym users, calisthenics 

fans, martial artists, cross training enthusiasts, MMA and boxers or any one who seeks to squeeze in a couple of exercises in the office or at school. Also, our Push 

Up Bars workout equipment is suitable to be used by both men and women.

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